This week a student and I were chatting, when she burst open with her dream, about moving and setting up a new life for herself. It was exciting and she beamed as the words tumbled from her lips. A magical encounter without limits or judgment.


Later in the week, I was in yoga class. And before class started the teacher had each of us mentally set an intention for the class. Whether it be to relax, to heal, to release– the intention was ours, personal and didn’t need to be verbally shared, just held in the mind.  It was a chance to dream about who I would be at the end of the class.

These experiences got me thinking about dreams and intentions, similar ideas, both free of boundaries. Like the intentions of the yoga class, dreams were directional, like a road map to a destination.

As children, we are always asked to dream, reading fairy tales, given play time to act out fantastical worlds, and nap time to relax and reflect. People ask children about their dreams, “What do we want to be when we grow up?”, allowing dreams to exist outside the child’s mind.

As an adult I find people less available to dreams, to change, and fantastical ideas. I find many grown ups are moving through a world of ROUTINE without intention and fearing dreams of others because they might bring change.

Dreams are beautiful and give dimension to life, a purpose and meaning. Maybe as an adult, they should be shared in hushed tones between best friends so they can be carried on wings to the heavens, like a prayer.

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