Magical Music History Halloween Day. All Costumes Represent a Major Development in Music History.

The month of October SCREAMS out for dressing up. What better way to learn (at mid semester and the day before Halloween) than playing dress up?

All students were given a chance to create a costume to represent a musical historical figure covered in the course. This was accompanied by a short presentation on the person, animal or figure for bonus points.

Today we were visited by Guido of A’rezzo with his extra large solefedge hand, the dove that sang chant to Pope Gregory the Great, and Hildegard of Bingen with glasses- because she was a visionary. Brilliant!

There were Greek philosophers that argued the merits of Ethos. And even Greek Gods and Goddesses. A gargoyle from the Cathedral de Notre Dame explained ornamentation and a Cave Man taught us about the earliest instruments and drawings.

And that is only a few of the highlights.

Me, I went as Spottacus the magical giraffe.

As my colleagues walked by the classroom door, they smiled and laughed. Dr. McCutchen even noted, “Just another day in music history.”


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