It’s Midterm week at JSU. The point of the semester when exhaustion begins to set in- and with it can come a self directed negativity.

This is when I begin suggesting a hate-cation.

Hate-Cation: A conscious Vacation from all of the Hating (negativity).

This is what a hate-cation looks like. Don't you want to be there...
This is what a hate-cation looks like. Don’t you want to be there…

It’s catchy slang, and it sends a powerful message.

It’s an invitation to STOP the inner monologue and come into the present moment. A break from the constant onslaught of thoughts, that with fatigue rarely represent the best self.

As Castaneda’s Don Juan says, “A warrior is aware that the world will change as soon as he stops talking to himself.” 

To learn and grow we need the TO LISTEN. If our mind is cluttered with negativity, we will not reach our full potential.

HATE-CATION, take one and grow into your best self.

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