Winter IS COMING- it’s Almost Here! Said as a WARNING OF PREPARATION and VIGILANCE.

December is a time of Double/Triple/Quadruple Bookings in a SINGLE DAY- for CONSECUTIVE DAYS. Nutcracker Ballets, Symphony Concerts and Church Services. With Minimal Travel Time Between Bookings.

I created this Meme.
I created this Meme as a Metaphor for My LIFE. Those Nutcrackers do Like the Zombie Winter Guys in “Game of Thrones”.

My preparation is including spending time with Blue Steel, my MD Profiler. I’m Stockpiling Reeds in Advance. NOT Going to Let ANY White-Haired Zombies AKA Nutcrackers Come to Life and Beat Me Down.  I am the Rat King After All. And in this Fairy Tale The Rat is Victorious!

Key to My Survival Kit: GREAT REEDS! AND WAZE! 

Anyone who has navigated the treacherous Traffic of Downtown Atlanta knows that One Traffic Jam can leave to an Adrenaline Induced Race from One gig to the Next. This Race is Accompanied by a Mass of Prayers while Driving that YOU WILL ACTUALLY MAKE IT ON TIME. The Travel App WAZE is Literally a Life Saver in these moments, Alerting You, Diverting You around Traffic Jams and generally SAVING THE DAY!

Moral of this Fairy Tale: PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE! And Remember to Charge Your Phone!

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