Making Oboe Scraping Mandrels

Yesterday was JSU DOUBLE REED DAY!

It was an Epic Adventure full of Reed Making, Chamber Music and Masterclasses.

This year we Fashioned Homeade Oboe Mandrels for our Guests.

The Ball on the End of the Cork Gives the Hand something to Grasp.

We offered our Home-ade Mandrels to our Guests because our studio at JSU has been forever altered by fashioning our own Oboe Mandrels made from Champagne Corks and Ball Point Pen Caps.

Oboe Staples are SO Thin.

It has saved us all from Pain and Tension in Arms and Hands from trying to hold only an Oboe Staple while Scraping.

Our guests that have experienced arthritis, carpal tunnel, or upper shoulder neck tension while scraping reeds especially loved these! And those who hadn’t had pain loved the preventative measures.

Action Shot of Our Studio creating space for the Oboe Staple in the Cork.

I’ve realized that many of you guys double on multiple instruments and might enjoy making your own Homeade Oboe Mandrels.

Here’s a Video Recipe of How we Made the Oboe Mandrels! In it I include the mistakes we made and what we learned along the way. Hopefully you can skip those mistakes and have success on the first go.

We’d love to see action shots of your mandrels. If you do this please tag us at #crowsoutherners.

Happy Reed Making, Everybody!

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