After Months of Trying Cane for My Cane Review Series I can finally say I have Found a Gouged, Shaped and Profiled Cane that works for a Variety of Ensembles, that Offers Contrasting Colors and is Fun to Play from the moment you Clip the Tip until it Dies.

Insert Sigh of Relief… 

My New Favorite Cane comes in Bundles of 5 from Barton Cane. I order it on the Rieger 1A Shape and Request that it is Not Scored.

I’ve been putting this cane to the Test since November. It carried me through Gig-Mas (from Nutcracker to Mother Goose Suite), January Mozart Festivals, and is set for my upcoming concerts with Atlanta Opera.

I love that it’s Not Too Hard or Soft. That I can make the Reed Dark by leaving it heavier or Brighten the Timber by Scraping it Down Faster. And Response is ALWAYS there, High Tenor Register Notes and Low Notes, too!

The Delicate Fold Over Line Broke in Half on a Few Pieces of Cane.

Although I LOVE this Cane there were moments, like all good love stories, when I realized even a Rose has Thorns.


And like All Love- the Cane is FRAGILE and Needs Gentle Care.

BIG UPDATE: In the next few months I intend to feature this GSP Cane in My Scrape a Reed with Me Series. Be sure to Subscribe so you Don’t Miss this Highly Requested Video Series.

For more details on My New Favorite Cane I have created a video where I chart my Experiences, Thoughts and Suggestions.


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