PHILOSOPHY FenceHold_1_t_w600_h600Throughout history the arts have been a representation of a collective movement of thought and philosophy, a window into the past which gives voice to the current collective societal movements. To study art is to study the movement of time as the arts share a direct link with history, literature, science, and math. As an educator of the arts, I seek to spark curiosity regarding all aspects of art in each student. I have found that curiosity generates life long learning surpassing the classroom and degree program, generating truly thoughtful artists.

In our current society, I believe in the importance of teaching technology based programs, peer mentorship and active learning. A technologically enhanced curriculum allows students to be at the top of the job market upon graduation, to have knowledge of digital audio and imaging technology and musical notation programs. By incorporating peer mentorship an openly communicative environment is created. Students develop communication skills, demonstrate aptitude, and feel empowered. For me, as an educator, it gives me direct response as to concepts that are solid within the course and ideas which need further explanation. Similarly active learning such as eurhythmics and dance allow students to leave their seats and experience art, better reaching all three learning disciplines auditory, visual and kinesthetic.

A strong element in musical success is the flexibility to perform and communicate in any location. By creating a unique artistic voice, one finds the universal voice which surpasses cultural and country boundaries. I strive to expose students to different musical dialects, dialogues, genres and perspectives through cultural, social, and economic diversity; a pedagogical means to foster the cultivation and the growth of a personal artistic voice.

The arts are a timeless expression and a limitless communication. Individuals who choose a career in the arts are the noble voice of the masses, demonstrating cultural and emotional shifts in society. As an educator of the arts, my intent is to help students seek out new perspectives and grow their dreams through innovative teaching methods, interdisciplinary education, and exposure to new perspectives. I teach independent thinking and education in the arts because without art, the world would be less creative, thoughtful, insightful, and enjoyable.

~Eryn Oft

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