After Multiple Comments Asking About FINDING, BUYING and REPAIRING MY HECKEL-

It WAS Time to Share!

Last December I purchased my first HECKEL BASSOON. She’s from the 10 series.

(Number 10717 for anyone who is SUPER interested).


I bought BISOU (that’s her nickname) knowing she needed work done. Pads were Falling Off and there were Keys in Odd Places.. Auxiliary Keys that didn’t attach to any matching mechanism…

Like All Renovations I TRULY HAD NO IDEA the AMOUNT OF WORK.. It’s AMAZING She Played so Well Considering… AND I was in LOVE.


Within Days following Purchase I Sent Her to Canada for Repair or as I liked to think of it- She went to the SPA. Turns out it was Less SPA more OPEN HEART SURGERY.
Here were my UNEXPECTED “OH NO!” Moments
Typical of any Good Renno…

First off, she had a CRACK in the Boot JointThank God for Benjamin Coehlo, who reassured me at JSU Double Reed Day this is NORMAL for Heckels of this Era.

Then, all of the Tone Holes Needed to be Rebuilt. The Metal Linings were Not Matched (too high) AND the glue was old and breaking free. A full day was Spent on Just the Pancake Key sanding, testing, sanding and testing…

There was The Extra Hole that was Drilled Inappropriately. Apparently a “technician” way back in the day. Attempted to alter the sound by drilling an extra tone hole under the A Pad. And the drill slipped while drilling… so it’s Wonky. SIGH….  This Needed to be Sealed Up.

Obama Passed the Law: NO IVORY.  My bell cap needed to be replaced with “ivorene” aka Faux Ivory. So that my instrument could re-enter the country. Thank goodness I got the instrument out before this law was passed, especially as it was passed without warning. But I can’t have the original Ivory Bell Cap Returned to me without fear of
JAIL TIME.. Criminal Offense… 

REALLY hope the Musicians Union is able to move forward on protecting ELEPHANTS AND MUSICIANS.

Then, there was ROT found in the Boot Joint. This is why no one should never let their instrument cross their lap… But as it was explained to me- It’s NOT IF these old Heckels will rot.. It’s just a question of When…  Luckily A Rubber Tube was Inserted Also Covering Up the last of the extra A Tone Hole Drilling Fiasco.

It’s WAS SIX months and Now The Work is COMPLETED. Sigh of Relief. BISOU IS BACK!

For More Details, Photos and a Personal Discussion of the Repair. Here is My Heckel Repair Journey Video.


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