These are the bassoons that are currently for sale. For trial of the instrument, please fill out the contact page.

Puchner Serial Number 5732 with added High D Key $8000


This is a Puchner Bassoon Serial Number 5732 made in the 1950’s.

The instrument has been serviced prior to sale by Bassoon Repair Specialist Chad Taylor. This vintage bassoon has had a High D Key added by Chad.

The bassoon comes with a backpack style case and a Puchner DD1 regular bend bocal.

Please fill out the contact page for trials.

The following is a Puchner Model 23 or 5000 Series bassoon Serial Number 12674 recently sold. Please check back soon for more great instruments. 



This is a Puchner Model 23 or 5000 Series. Eryn Oft has been the only owner of this instrument, purchased new in 1999. It comes with the original hard case and case cover and two British bend bocals, and ED1 and an ED2.

You can hear Eryn playing this instrument on her Discography under “Vintage Recordings”.

The instruments has been recently serviced prior to sale by Bassoon Repair Specialist Ken Potsic and Apprentice Eryn Oft. Sale price is $23,000.


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