It’s the Holiday Season!

If you’re wondering what to buy the Special Bassoonist in Your Life, I’m here to help!


So often, I am ON THE GO! I love a Micrometer that includes a Great Traveling Case, keeping it safe. It Allows me to Adjust My Reeds with Science while Traveling, not Voodoo. đŸ™‚


I’ve recently fallen in love with My Handmade Flame Maple Bassoon Reed Case made by Garrett Music Products. They also make Oboe, Sax and Clarinet Reed Cases, in case you have non bassoonists to shop for, too. AND even Batons, a Great Gift for your Band or Orchestra Conductor!

sticker design circle

You might even consider Filling Your New Reed Case with Handmade RAFFE REEDS. If you’d like to order, please fill out the Contact Me Form on My Website.


A Great Recording is only as Good as Your Sound System. This Bose Bluetooth Speaker has Revolutionized My Travel Bassoon Studies. It has depth and dimension, allowing for the Bassoon to clearly be heard in an ensemble. Yet, it is still portable enough to Travel.

For More Gifts, Stocking Stuffers and Links to All the Items Mentioned, I’ve included a Detailed Video.

Links to the Products are in the Video Description Box.

AMENDMENT: In the Video I mention the KORG CA-1 and KORG GA-1 Tuner. It should be the KORG-CA1 or the KORG-CA30. My Apologies, Everybody! The GA-1 would work but is geared more towards Guitarists.





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