I Buy A LOT of Bassoon Goodies!

It’s Part of My Career as a Musician, Buying the Tools Necessary for Success.

And  It is A Tax Write Off. Added BONUS!

By Sharing What Didn’t Work for Me, it Might Save You the Same Experience and hopefully some Cash.

The Lighted Bassoon Plaque that Creates a Halo of Shadows near the Collar of the Reed. Sigh.

These are all opinions based on my own experiences, your experiences may differ. I am HARD on my Bassoon Products with lots of Travel and Plenty of Wear and Tear. Most Often My Favorite Products Die through Extensive Use… They just Wear Out!  Here’s a Story about Products that Wore Out too Soon! 

The Gig Where Everything Broke!

And I felt like I was falling Apart Along With All of My Bassoon Goodies. 

One Gig in Particular Comes to Mind when Everything Started Falling to Pieces. It started when My Magnetic Soaking Cup lost the magnets and Broke Spilling Water ALL OVER THE STAGE and REEDS FLEW EVERYWHERE. Gasp! Embarrassing and Catastrophic. Lucky for me the Reeds all Survived but NEVER AGAIN!

Soaking Cups.png
What happens when a Magnetic Soaking Cup Loses a Magnet- Reeds Everywhere! Gasp.

At the same gig, I had tried to use the Hercules Bassoon Stand in an effort to not carry my heavy K&M Stand. Bad Move! I regularly had to replace the rubber stoppers on the pin that runs through the Hercules Bassoon Stand to be sure my bassoon wouldn’t Topple Over when in the stand.

Yes, that is as bad as it sounds.

I finally Gave Up after a helpful oboist picked a rubber stopper up  that had come off the Hercules stand and Rolled Out of the Bassoon Section into the Oboe Seats and said- “this looks important!” Better to put my bassoon in the case and not risk travel with this stand. So Thankful for my New Bassoon Lightweight Bassoon Stand!

For a full review on my experiences with bassoon stands, I have a dedicated blog that I will link.

In between services of the SAME GIG I went to dinner. I carried my Koelbl case as a BackPack. When I went to pick my bassoon up after dinner, a metal piece of the hook had broken off and disappeared.

HOW: I don’t know! Where it Went: Also a Mystery!

The Missing Arm on My BackPack Strap of the Koelbl Bassoon Case.

The strap no longer worked! I have to say that my Koelbl case as a backpack has never felt as comfortable on my shoulders as my Bonna case. All of THIS- combined with the V Shape the Case Creates (I discussed this in detail in the What’s in My Case Video), left me looking for a New Case Option.

Looking for a New Case is No Small Feat of Nature to Take On! It Turns Out My Heckel is one of the Specials from the 10,000 Series. Meaning it is an 1/8 of an inch longer in the long joint than standard bassoons. But after this- it is a challenge I am Taking On!

For MORE on My Experience with Bassoon Goodies- Here’s a Video!

Do you have any Experiences with Disappointing Bassoon Goodies. If so, please feel free to share. Like I said earlier, it’s not a ROAST but if helps everyone else it is Worth It!


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