Here’s an Action Shot During Our Rehearsal last week with the Atlanta Opera.  Check out that English Bend Bocal!

BLUE, my Puchner bassoon with Heckel bocal, and I have been traveling- A LOT.

STILL PATIENTLY WAITING FOR BISOU, My Heckel to return from Marcus Weiler, SIGH.
Okay- maybe not so Patiently….

14 Days in the Last Month were spent in cities that were NOT Jacksonville Performing.

Here are the Bassoon GOODIES that travel with me!

Forrests Music Magnetic Reed Soaking Cup: $7.95SoakCup

The name says it all- IT’S MAGNETIC! AND I Soak My Reeds in it!
A must have for the winter DRY Months!
It sticks to my stand and has a good sealing lid.
It only leaked once on me- but once is enough.
The Concert Black is Professional!
Here’s a Link to Purchase:

CushionTush Cush: Car Cush $50

Recommended to my by my yoga teacher to keep my posture from caving at the shoulders while DRIVING and while PERFORMING.
I’ve also found it helpful to see conductors over oboists with long torsos. Little booster seat for me!


1. Forrest Metal Ruler
2. Reiger Pliers
3. Razor Blades and Contra Plaque
Yes, Contra. I find it easier to work with!
4. Landwell Knife
5. Miller Marketing Diamond Files/Precut 22 Gauge Brass Wire
6. Screw Driver and more Files
7. Reiger Reamer
8. Reiger Mandrel
Not Pictured: 200 Grit Sand Paper

Rieger Bassoon Reed Tip Clipper:  $219

Recently I started traveling with it for the last minute reed adjustments that can create nuances of beauty. Taking off less than a millimeter adjustments. Minor tweaks that can make playing that much sweeter. Remember to only clip the tip on a SOAKED REED or it MIGHT CRACK!

I use this for ALL of my Reed Making. I love that the tip is ALWAYS STRAIGHT.

K and M Bassoon Stand: $120

This allows me to run to the bathroom, get a drink of water and move during intermissions. A necessity! I love the stainless color combo- Professional and Classy!

Here is the K and M Bassoon Stand all folded up and ready for travel.

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into my travel accessories! If you did leave me a comment!
Let me know if you are interested in a sneak peek of accessories that live in my bassoon case. And if there is interest I will post those soon!


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