Finding the Perfect Outfit is HARD!  Making the Perfect Outfit is HARDER!

MAKING AND FINDING the Perfect Outfit for your Reed Just got EASIER
with this Tutorial on How to Combine Two Threads to Wrap a Reed.Untitled-2
I discovered this European style of wrapping reeds in college. And now it is the way I create my signature outfits for Raffe Reeds! It cuts the time spent wrapping in half because you are using two threads at once.

The colors also help me catalogue which Profile, Shaper, and Cane I used to create each reed. So at a glance I can tell all the specifics of what I’ve been loving most.

Here is a list of needed supplies to complete the tutorial!


I like to use two contrasting color threads to create extra DRAMA.

And as Always- Remember to WATCH OUT with Duco Cement- it can RUIN a manicure.
This accidentally happened in my tutorial. Sigh.

Happy Wrapping!

Be sure to tag Raffe Reeds in your photos of reeds with 2 Threads! #RaffeReeds

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