Welcome to My Highly Requested BLOG and Video Tutorial on HOW TO VIBRATO!

WHY USE VIBRATO? Vibrato can Add EmotionWarmth and even Improve Intonation when Performed with Effective AIR SUPPORT.

Pic. Courtesy of Encyclopedia Brittanica.
Pic. Courtesy of Encyclopedia Brittanica.

Most of my Students Can’t Locate their Diaphragm. 

The bit that we are told should Pulse when Using Vibrato. AND Don’t ask them to SPELL IT!



By Linking to a Positive Memory- the students immediately feel EMPOWERED and WILLING TO TRY NEW TECHNIQUES!

This is what Coco and I look like during the holidays! 🙂

Christmas can Come All Year Round-  When It Helps Students Learn Vibrato!

HERE ARE A FEW QUICK TIPS: to Supplement the Video (linked below)

1. KEEP THE BODY RELAXED. If the shoulders are too tight or the arms locked- the air pulsations will not be able to move as easily. It Will Unintentionally Mute the Vibrato, making it LESS PRESENT. 

2. KEEP THE PULSES WIDE Enough in Pulsation to Sound Warm and RichToo Fast and the Music may Sound AnxiousNervous and the Pitch may Run Sharp.

No one wants to sound like a NERVOUS SHAKING GIRAFFE! 

This Funny Made Me Smile- thinking about Nervous Giraffes.

AND Here’s the Short Video Demonstration and Tutorial on How I Teach Vibrato.

I hope this is helpful and…
“Merry Vibrato to All- and to All a Good Night!”

And yes.. those are long haired dachshunds pulling the sled (at least in my mind)!


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