Buying a Bassoon can sometimes Feel Overwhelming and Intimidating.

The Search. The Price. The Trial.

Should you buy? Is it Right? Does it Fit You and Your Needs?

All the excitement can feel like a Rollercoaster of Emotions. But there is no better feeling than finding YOUR BASSOON.

To help you on your BASSOON SEARCH I have created a GUIDE to TESTING a BASSOON.

In this video I go over my process in Finding, Testing and Hopefully Buying a Bassoon.

The Importance of Preparing the Reed to Match the Instrument and Bocal. 

How to Set the Sale up for Success in Working with Vendors (private or company sale).

How I test the Instruments and what I look for when Taking the Bassoon for a TEST RUN.

-The Response, the Intonation and Stability, and the Tone Colors.

Sidetone: Not mentioned in the Video but SHOULD BE is the Vendor B.H. Bell. The Bell Bassoons are a Canadian brand that is quickly becoming popular for the high quality bassoons with a range of colors and sounds. If you are looking for an instrument Ben Bell is well known for matching instruments and a bassoonist’s specific needs. Currently the Canadian dollar is low- it could work in finding an extra special deal! 🙂

My Best Piece of Advice on Buying a Bassoon is to TRUST YOURSELF.

If you love it, you will know it!


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