I’ve been so happy to share what Types of Cane I’ve been Trying and Loving in My Cane Review Series.

To be able to share this with you- In my world of gigging, teaching, and reed making I often film weeks in advance.

Current Reed Desk.png
Currently on My Reed Desk! The multi wrapped and dark purple are Eryn Oft Style Cane.

I’m sharing details about my filming/blogging schedule because in between Filming and Posting My New Favorite Cane Barton Cane contacted me about producing a GSP Cane as per my specifications! The Eryn Oft Style Cane. How Exciting!


Begin Given this Cane Style is a Gift not just for ME to help My Students- it makes all my suggestions readily available to You.

And let’s be honest, it makes ordering GSP Cane for me super easy, too! For those moments when I don’t have time to process my own cane. And now I don’t need to even order in BULK! 

As part of creating the Eryn Oft Style Cane I am also sharing my  Finished Reed Dimensions from Reed Wire Placement to Micrometer Dimensions with you.

Bae had to help me shoot this. Not enough hands to hold the reed AND the camera.

A note about The Micrometer Dimensions. They are an Average of My 5 Best Reeds over the last 3 Months.

Keep in Mind- This is NOT a Starting Point but an Ending Point. And because the Donati Cane is Good, Consistent, and Hard Cane I have even taken the reeds lighter than noted on the website for delicate playing, EVEN THE HEART.

Gasp! I know.

The dimensions I’m sharing are dimensions that are successful on even the softest piece of Eryn Oft Style Cane. Because Cane is Invariably a Variable. Each Plant is Unique.   

Details EOBartonCane
Here’s a Snap of the Micrometer Dimensions from Barton Cane’s Website.

As always, Scrape a Reed then Play until it is Resistant, then Scrape and Play until Resistant. Repeat until you feel Comfortable.

You may go too far  and scrape too much cane off a couple of times. But that’s okay. It’s important to take risks, find boundaries, and then come back to  finding the sweet spot. Just be consistent so you know What Works best for You, Your Bocal and Bassoon Combination and Performance Venue!

If you’re interested in learning more about Eryn Oft Style Cane and Tips and Tricks- here’s more!

Happy Bassoon Reed Making, Everybody!

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