Shapers, Thread and Earasers- Oh, My!

Here’s a preview of the BASSOON GOODIES I’ve been buying since My Last Haul in September.

For more-I have a full video at the bottom of the blog with Product Reviews and Unboxing the Goodies!

EarRaser copy
New Earasers to help Protect My Ears, yet still hear the sounds around me picked up at JSU Double Reed Day from Justin Miller of Miller Marketing.

I must admit Not All of the Bassoon Goodies I buy are from Large Vendors.

Every now and then I come across a post online of Bassoon Goodies for Sale, like this one. I bought the Pfeifer Folding Shaper. 🙂

The dimensions listed are in-between a Fox 2 and a Rieger 1A shape. How Exciting! Used Bassoon Goodies for a Steal of the Original Price.

And just because I found true love in a GSP Cane and created the Eryn Oft Style Cane with Barton Cane– it doesn’t mean My Cane Review Series is Over. Far from it!

And you know I need more thread to catalogue My Upcoming New Results.

The thread on the wooden spools is from the upcoming Double or Nothing Reed Company. The Deep Blue is from Miller Marketing.

For More Buying Bassoon Goodies (yes, I bought more), Product Reviews, and Unboxing of the Goodies click the link below.


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