After years of trying to adjust bulk processed bassoon reeds students would bring to lessons, Eryn realized it would be much easier to make and sell her own reeds made from high quality cane. In 2012 she developed her own reed making company, RAFFE REEDS. The company is named for the stuffed giraffe Spottacus, a teaching prop in her Studio and YouTube videos that students adore.

Since launching Raffe Reeds Eryn has shipped reeds world wide. Each reed measures 26 mm tube and 29 mm blade, creating a warm robust sound. The length matches most professional and student model bassoons with minimal adjustment. The reeds are made from either Donati or Danzi cane and feature a unique cross hatch scoring that allows for displacement of cracks and a darkening of the sound.

Please allow Two Weeks for Processing.


This is a bassoon reed made to specifically match your bassoon, bocal, and location (altitude, weather, and tuning). New Price includes the cost of Shipping and Handling. For Custom and International Orders please follow up with Eryn by filling out the Contact Me Form https://erynoft.com/contact/ with details about your bassoon set up.



Great Response and Dynamic Contrast. There is a bit of flexibility to the reed at first but this can be easily adjusted through flexing the blades as the cane breaks in. New Price includes the cost of Shipping and Handling. This bassoon reed will need minimal adjustment throughout the reed’s life. International Orders, please fill out the Contact Me Form https://erynoft.com/contact/ prior to purchase.


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Happy Bassoon Reeds, Everybody!

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