Here’s a Sneak Peek of My Experiences.

I Made 6 Blanks but ONLY 1 FINISHED REED
This is Less Quantity than
My Medir or My Cote D’Azur Cane Review!

Here Are My Charles Double Reed Finished Products! Two Blanks and a Finished Reed from Gouged Cane and 3 Reeds from Gouged Shaped and Profiled Cane. I must admit I wanted MORE of them to work out for a Stronger Perspective but more on that in the video.

Charles Cane Offered The Unique Opportunity
to Talk about Aging Cane AND SCRAPING

Here’s a Sneak Peek at My Finished Charles Double Reed Scrape. It helps that it is a STILL Photo. The Video can Slip By So Quickly!
For a Quick Comparison- Here’s a Look at the Reed I Played My Last Performance On- Made with Rigotti Cane (because I bet you were curious!) Although the Lighting is different- You can see I used a slightly Lighter and Thinner Spine on the Rigotti.

Even Mozarella (YES, I mean Cheese) AND Tim Gunn Make a Guest Appearance.

Fashion and Mentor Hero.
Fashion and Mentor Hero.

Enough Chit Chat! I’m SO Excited! Let’s Dig In!

I’d Love to Hear from You!
Is this Your Favorite Type of Cane?
Or Do You Work with it Regularly?

Please Leave Me a Comment About Your Experiences.



  1. In Dec 15 I bought 10 Gouged and Profiled Charles Reeds and shaped them with a Rieger 13 shaper. I really liked this shape. The reeds are bright but what little buzziness there was was easily solved with sanding all over with 400 grade wet dry sand-paper on 4 planes, with the reed wet. Out of ten blanks, my breakage was one. I have also used Medir Gouged and profiled and shaped with a Rieger 13 shaper and my breakage is usually greater. I am not sure how long the Charles Reeds will last as I am finishing them up, but I am currently challenging them head to head with Medir. Will let you know


    1. I can’t wait to hear about your experiences! Where are you located- I know weather and elevation can play a large part in your experiences. Keep me posted! 🙂


  2. I use Charles tube cane all the time and overall it works very well for me. I usually buy 1lb at a time, then gouge it all over a few days, let it dry completely, and then store it for at least 6 months (my oldest stored cane is from 2013). I just made a batch of reeds from cane from 2014 and have had really good results so far. They can be a bit bright when I first clip the tip, but after breaking them in gently over a week or two, they usually end up with a lovely tone color, are vibrant, and have excellent response across the registers. I profile first and use a fold-over Rieger 13 shaper if that helps. Maybe we have different results because I buy tube cane but you bought their gouged cane? In any case, I like their cane a lot for the responsiveness. Hope this helps!


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