Last week was the 2016 International Double Reed Society Conference in Columbus, Georgia. For anyone contemplating traveling to IDRS 2017 in Wisconsin, I have one word- GO!

IDRS is a chance to hear some of the finest double reed musicians in the world, learn fresh concepts in amazing guest lectures and an opportunity to try cutting edge products from worldwide vendors.

WisemanCase copy.jpg
The New Wiseman London Bassoon and Contra Bassoon Case was Amazing to see in Action. And great pricing due to the Brexit!

This year the IDRS location was Gorgeous. Columbus is known as “Fountain City” due to the number of Fountains per square mile.

The fountain just outside the Performing Arts River Center of in downtown Columbus.

  Many of the fountains were surrounded by flowers bursting with vibrant colors.

Pink blossoms decorated trees and danced in the wind as breezes from the river attempted to break the late June Southern humidity.

And then there was THE FOOD! Traveling with my food allergies can be tricky but my favorite sushi bar, Wasabi was running anniversary pricing all week. Let’s just say I was lucky to make it through the week without Mercury Poising. 🙂

Yellow Tail and Squid Combo with Steamed Rice, My Favorite!

As a Bassoon Blogger and You-Tuber, IDRS is a chance to Directly Connect with my Audience. No Typing Involved!

It’s an opportunity to meet up with followers, chat about bassoon adventures and discuss mutual discoveries. It’s a chance for me to hear what you enjoy and want more of on my channel. AND it all happens Live and in Person!

The direct connection with my audience has given way to Thousands of New Ideas of Content and Offers My Blog Continued Direction.

A chance meet up with great bassoonist, future BYU-Idaho Visiting Artist and Instructor, and follower Elizabeth Crawford at the Miller Marketing Booth!

What did I learn from the week at 2016 IDRS? And What can you Expect in upcoming months on My Blog and Youtube?!?

The world is HUNGRY for posts on Music Entrepreneurship. Following the success of my IDRS Lecture and my Last Blog Post on Social Media Hustling, I’ve realized the music world wants MORE!

And not just a polite capital M, More. Insert Cookie Monster Voice. They want MOAR!

I quickly realized I am not alone in my belief that traditional music career paths are disintegrating. Musicians are looking for A How to Guide for: Marketing Skills, Running their own Small Business, and Global Networking Success.

At the conference I booked several Guest Lecture Appointments throughout the United States at various Universities on Music Entrepreneurship.

The fascinating element to these bookings- they want me to also perform a Bassoon Recital as part of my visit. How Exciting that this is Todays Market, friends. I get to combine My Two Favorite Work Activities, Bassoon and Marketing, into One Visit!

At the conference I was also asked to do one-on-one Coaching Sessions on Building Individual Marketing Portfolios unique to each person and their product. Keep in mind sometimes the person is the product. People were asking for me to look over their Blogs, Advice for Building Webpages, and More.

In order to meet these new needs I am now  Offering Coaching Sessions on Music Entrepuenership in a format similar to My Skype Lessons. If interested, please visit My “Contact Me” page on my website and we will get started!

As I build materials for Upcoming Guest Lectures and in an effort  to Meet the Growing Need of our Continued Evolving Music Financial Infrastructure, I will be sharing these both on You-Tube and on My Blog. Be sure to subscribe to BOTH so you don’t miss Updates.

Here are a Few of the Requested Upcoming Blog Topics You Can Expect: 

A Guide to Bassoon Bocals

Articulations: From Beginner to Triple Tongue in 3 Weeks

How to Effectively Market with Hashtags, Tags, and Snapchat

Finding an Affordable Bassoon for Beginners

Repair and Restore: How to Avoid Burnout

Tenor Clef Strategies for Beginners

My Bassoon Cane Collection: Vintages and Storage Options

How to Hustle and Still Find a Level of Privacy

My Gigging Travel Essentials: Life on the Road Realities

My Technology Collection: What I use to Create Content Marketing

A Guide to Bassoon Shapers

Braces, Invisalign, Implants and Gum Grafts for Wind Musicians

End of Summer Bassoon Goodies Haul

College Audition Preparation

As you can see, Music Entrepreneurship will be in addition to the already popular Bassoon Content. My current game plan is to offer Bassoon Content for 2 weeks out of the month and the third week add in Music Entrepreneurship.

I am curious, what would you like to see first? Do you have any suggestions of additional content you would like to see? If so, I’d love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment.

Now onto the best part that I am sure you have been waiting for, I’m sharing ALL of the Goodies I bought at the IDRS Conference … because I love bassoon goodies and I was #feelingspendy

What’s worse than a kid in a candy store- a bassoonist with a credit card at IRDS. 😉

I am also lucky enough to pass savings on to you! BOCAL MAJORITY that I mention in the video with Sticky Notes, Soaking Cups and More is offering FREE SHIPPING for anyone who uses the code: erynoft at checkout! The code is good until 8/31/2016.

Happy Bassoon Goodie Shopping, Everybody!


  1. Eryn..nice IDRS haul. I wasn’t able to make it this year😟. Do you have a link to Custom Cane that you mentioned?


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